I always took pride in knowing you, at times more than I know myself.

I was wrong.

As familiar as I am with your tiny quirks and habits, your food preference, your favourites and least favourites, I failed to recognise distress and discontentment. I couldn’t tell when you weren’t getting enough, that you wanted more. I failed to reassure you, like how you’ve been my trusty anchor for the past 4 years.

I hope this decision will only take us to better places, to meet better people, to enable us to follow our dreams, to fly high, no strings attached to the ground.

You were the person who made me laugh the most, and shed the most tears. I didn’t know it’s physically possible to finish a box of tissue. But like you said, it’s because we invested to much emotions in each other, and how lucky am I, to have a first love that was so hopeful and wonderful.

Thank you, for loving me and letting me love you.

I will try as hard as I can, to tell myself, that this is for the best.