i flew off to the land down under lived in a foreign country for the first time

there was a lot of learning and adapting, some late-night crying, and lots of friday night alcohol binges

visiting banks, GP clinics, groceries and lots of k-mart runs

i scrubbed into surgeries for the first time, my first one in upper GI being a small bowel exploration which i held loops and loops of small intestine as my fellow searched for a leak

saw a case of pancreatitis that occupied the bed for 2 months, and helped pull out a black, stinking, necrotic pancreas

sat for my first ever osce in australia, scored a B

got extremely stressed for every single end-of-rotation exams for no good reason

i jabbed people for the first time, cannulated some of them

drove 8 hours from adelaide to melbourne and back again, over easter

i witnessed a code blue for the first time during my medical rotation, ran ABG’s, multiple ABG’s because he was severely acidotic, a CO2 retainer. he survived.

visited the UK alone, for the first time, and had lots of first-time’s, things my parents should never know, and i’m missing every minute of it

came in very close contact with cancer in oncology and realised that although incurable sometimes, you’d be so much better off if you were diagnosed in a developed country, but i also learnt that there are plenty that are pretty curable, it’s not the end

i knew for a fact that i’d never go into ortho

thought that i’d like psychiatry but no, it’d go mad trying to get a manic patient to answer my question when all she could do is to blame the universe for that blister on her toe

studied my ass off for the first time, during my 3-week-long swotvac, and it was horrible, and stressful

passed my second-last exam in med school

officially a 5th year med student

visited a a previously-communist country and actually came close enough to communism to really know why we’re lucky to have escaped it

very reluctantly, forcing my self to start studying paediatrics before i regret


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