Week 17

Seventeen weeks into Semester 1, and I’m so very ready for a break.

Honestly, Adelaide has been extremely beautiful lately. The trees are changing into shades of warmth, as if trying to make amends for the cold, single-digit mornings. I like how walking under a cloudless, sunny day feels so perfect these days, though I really don’t get to spend much time outside the concrete of the hospital, since the days are so short now. Having a cup of coffee in hand never felt so amazing, on (not so) rare occasions when we have time to sneak in a coffee run after morning rounds.

I like how the horses I see along my usual running route have started to put on clothes, and that autumn fruits are popping up with prices dropping every week (yay for apple crumble), and that my breath becomes fog when it hits the morning air.

When I was little, the biggest reason I wanted to live overseas so badly, was to be able to experience the seasons. And now I’ve come to understand that what’s beautiful about the seasons is not the variety of clothes or not sweating after walking 300 metres (ie. Malaysia). What’s breathtaking is the transition: the trees, the flowers, the animals, the fresh produce, the menu’s in cafe’s… the change. And maybe the ever confusing daylight-saving.


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