happy birthday

I could tell our story over and over again, same words, same scenes, and still smile, hoping that whoever hearing it would feel that innocent trace of spark, or be amazed at how things can turn out to be, the most unexpected ways possible.

I think over those 3 years, my mind has shaped those memories into what feels like the dreamiest scenes from Korean dramas, where the pictures are slightly blurred, with pink sparkly edges, and I’m more than happy to keep it this way. It was two people, fresh out of high school, going towards somewhat different directions (or people *chuckles*), crossing paths, friends, close friends, best friends, platonic for way too long, and decided to up the game on one Valentine’s day, over a cartoon movie.

You have no idea how often you cross my mind. Random cafe with good music, I’d picture us attempting to study, your laptop open, highlighter in my hand, you laughing at how I’d get distracted by the cakes and pastries at the counter. Walking down the pier in Victor Harbour, was me wishing that I could just reach out to grab your hand, knowing that your presence will make the view a thousand times more stunning. In Melbourne, a place that serves the thickest matcha latte and the best pizza I ever had in my life that I knew you’d enjoy. Walking home on a chilly Friday night, thinking of ways to steal your jacket if you were there.

As much as I like being where I am right now, things would be a million times better with you by my side. I miss burying my head into your chest after a long, bad day, or making a trip to McDonald’s at midnight just because. I miss feeling your hand gripping firmly on mine when we cross the road, and catching you staring at me like there’s nothing else better to do. I miss agreeing that you’ll order an item in the restaurant and I’ll order another, and ending up ordering both my preferences because I couldn’t decide between them.

Love, I can’t wait for August, for you to be all mine for two weeks, and to celebrate Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, both our birthdays, all at once.

Thank you for all these years of patience and compromise, for the endless love you showered on me and the people I love, for always being my pillar to lean on and the anchor to our relationship.

I hope that you’ll have a good birthday, and that you know that you have my very best wishes.


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