Things I’ve learnt about Adelaide

1  Weather

Growing up in Malaysia, the fluctuation we ever get is storm-rain-sun. If you Wikipedia our yearly climate changes, it’s the most boring chart you might ever find. Air there is so humid it feels like 30 even when the temperature reads 26. And I used to complain. “It’s always so warm,” I ranted again and again, throughout the 21 years of my life on earth. I thought Malaysia was the worlds biggest oven, until yesterday, when the temperature strikes 37.

37 here is dry air, and unfiltered UV glaring from the cloudless sky. It’s a burning sensation on our skins, and squinted eyes from the reflection of the sunshine. It’s the reluctance to step out from the shade, and being compelled to enter any shop with air conditioner.

And all this, lasts until 8.30pm.

I am looking forward to next week, and I can’t even tell if it’s because of uni or the 27 degrees on the weather forecast.


2  Campus

“Trees, grass, river” -my mother’s definition of campus life overseas, and I’m grateful that this is happening to me.

The University of Adelaide has blocks and blocks of buildings, both ancient-historical and modern-stylish, a river running along the north side of the campus, walkway accompanied by trees with purple flowers, and of course grass, and people legit sitting on a mat to get some tan in.


3  Hindley Street

I live off this street, and it’s beautiful. It’s the so-called ‘red light district’ of Adelaide, and it’s known for weed and drunk men, but it’s beautiful.


And trust me, it’s even more welcoming at night, when there’s music and people sitting outside, laughing their day away.


4  Rundle Mall

… is not a mall. It’s a street, with shops along both sides, which close by 7pm. I thought it was going to be… well, a mall, a huge building with aircon, where I can go to escape the merciless heat, but no. It’s always packed with people, even on weekdays, as if they don’t need to work.


5  Walking

All day, every day, because we haven’t gotten our concession card, and we feel dumb to pay twice the price we are entitled to.


6 Tech support

Slow, bad, expensive.

Make a call to their toll-free hotline, and they try to convince you three times that you can actually get your issue solved online by yourself. It makes me wonder if people here are just very resourceful or tech savvy, or am I just really bad at fixing my own shit.

Counter or restaurant service is excellent, but when it comes to getting somebody to fix things, it’s a massive headache.

I learnt that if you set your house on fire, and you call the fire department, they will charge you 800+dollars to send firemen over. I guess I’m just too used to not having to pay civil servants, because I assume that’s where the taxes my parents pay go to.


7 Food is good

Fresh food here is extremely fresh, and of very good quality. Even when you’re eating out, though it may be expensive, but their portion is so generous, and everything is always as fresh as it can be.

And if you buy your supplies from the supermarket, things can even be cheaper than what we pay for back home. Most things are super affordable, it’s just a shame that MYR is so low.

3AUD for 2 litres of fresh milk. How even?